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Design & Development

Technical Support

With the major motor manufacturers such as Brose motor, Bosch motor, Mabuchi motor to establish strategic cooperative partnership;

And the German University of Hannover and Wuhan University of Technology in CAE and electronic modules to establish a long-term relations of cooperation

Talent strength

Has more than 10 years of glass lifts, hand brake product design experience in the development team

Have a high-quality professional personnel: the company's existing staff of more than 600 people, college and college education

Software strength

With advanced UG graphics work network platform, the design of the product design, analysis are used
    UG\CATIA\PROESuch as three-dimensional software;

The establishment of a fork arm type, single-rail sheave, double-rail sheave electric glass lift products and hands
    Brake control arm design and development platform.

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