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Qualification honor

Recognized by customers is our forward momentum

2006 - 2007 won the dragon company

In 2006 won the Great Wall Motor Company
Best R & D Award

2008 to 2010 was awarded Valin company
Excellent supplier

2011 won the Dongfeng Fengshen
Excellent supplier

2012 won the Dongfeng Liu steam
Advanced supplier

2012 won the Beijing auto Fukuda

2013 won the Great Wall Motor
Contribution Award

Win the Great Wall Motor in 2013
Best Match Award

Winning Dongfeng Nissan in 2013
Excellence Award

Won the city of Wuhan in 2013
Outstanding private

2013 - won the Wuhan Development Zone in 2014
Top 10 companies

In 2014 won the Beijing auto Fukuda
Science and Technology
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