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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise culture for Wuhan Donghuan

Enterprise Philosophy:
To Struggle, Pursue and Discover & Never Give Up

Business philosophy:
Looking to the future, the quality of everything
Many difficulties, so more to focus
Talent is not much, so to work harder
Dream is far to achieve value

Quality Policy:
Customer First, Striving for Innovation, Strict Management, Continuous Improvement

Business Policy:
People Oriented, Technology Leading, Market Exploiting, Development Sustaining

Business Motto:
Win opportunity by efforts, grasp opportunity by wisdom, and create opportunity by sincerity

For the purpose of customer satisfaction, the corporation continues to innovate and dares to dare to blaze new trails. Besides, it takes customer& market-oriented policy to develop new works for the demands of customers and the market. Our commitment is to provide excellent products and satisfactory service for customers with the help of superior equipment, scientific management, rigorous procedures and research technology.

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Address:No. 38,3rd Fengshu Rd,Wuhan Economic and Technological Zone
TEL:027-84305995  FAX:027-84305990
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