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Wuhan Donghuan Auto Cab System Co., Ltd. is located at Wuhan Economic & Technological development Area. The company is established in 2000, which is a professional window regulator and parking brake manufacturer. With more than 10 years development, the company is capable to supply for class one OEMs. The company strictly conduct international quality standard, passed ISO9001, EAQF94 and IATF16949:2016 during development. From 2006, the company began to supply anti-pinch window regulator to customers and gradually perfect the R & D system, establish its own design standards.

Wuhan Donghuan Auto Cab System Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved
Address:No. 38,3rd Fengshu Rd,Wuhan Economic and Technological Zone
TEL:027-84305995  FAX:027-84305990
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