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Baoding branch

Wuhan Donghuan Body System Co., Ltd. Baoding Branch

  Wuhan Donghuan Body System Co., Ltd. Baoding branch is specialized in automotive glass lifts and parking brake control assembly of the specialized manufacturing enterprises. The company formally approved the establishment of the February 1, 2013, the existing staff of 160 people, covers an area of 4,000 square meters, Wuhan East Central Body System Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of the first production-oriented enterprises, mainly in Huang Huaihai, Northeast and other northern regions, in the development of the northern strategic pattern has a very important strategic position.

  The main products include the Great Wall Motor, Changan Automobile, Beiqi Futian, Huatai Automobile, etc., the main products supporting models have the Great Wall Harvard series, the Great Wall of the Great Wall, the main products include the Great Wall, Pickup series, the Great Wall Tengyi series, Chang'an Star, Changan Yue Xiang V5, Beiqi Futian SUV series.

  The company has always implemented the "customer first, and strive to innovation, strict management, continuous improvement," the quality policy, has won the Great Wall Motor Company quality plate excellent selection activities of the "best with the award" and " Defective works of the "contribution award" and other honorary title.

  Company Address: No. 998, Tengfei Road, Baoding, Hebei Province

  contact number:0312-5921166


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Address:No. 38,3rd Fengshu Rd,Wuhan Economic and Technological Zone
TEL:027-84305995  FAX:027-84305990
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